Twitch Developer Agreement

Posted Oktober 12th, 2021 by admin

The terms of this calendar apply when you use the Twitch APIs. „Twitch API“ means all program materials that we provide to use Twitch`s application programming interfaces, players and other materials that they find specifically here: Twitch may display specially formatted links on your Twitch channel page (a „Special Link“) that would lead Twitch users to purchase a product (as defined below). For each such purchase of a Product that is a qualifying purchase (as defined below), you are entitled to a tax (a „Product Purchase Tax“) calculated as a certain percentage published by Twitch in the Additional Charges Statement currently available on or on a tracking website (which may be updated from time to time) (the „Additional Charge Statement“ (a) the price d `purchase of this product, such as that indicated by Twitch at the time of the qualifying purchase and in the currency in which the qualifying purchase was made, less (b) any special discounts or promotions, taxes, service fees, discounts, payment processing fees (e.g.B. credit card processing fees) and any other transaction and processing fees related thereto. The calculation and authorization to receive costs for the purchase of products remain subject to any restrictions or clarifications set out in the declaration of additional costs. Hello, I want to create an app to watch Twitch live streams and publish it for free/ad-free. For this purpose, is any form of license/agreement required? I ask because Samsung says it is necessary to have a license from the content owner. The following activities are prohibited without a separate agreement with Twitch: For greater clarity: to clarify, analyze the data or metadata that we provide both through Twitch`s APIs and other methods – for example. B an export of CSV files, visualizations, graphs, graphs, diagrams, etc. – associated with end user activities on related to your services, all of which are considered „program materials“ within the meaning of this Agreement.

The terms set forth in this Appendix are intended to provide you with policies and rules for the development of your Services, including tools that use and interact with Twitch`s applications, services, APIs, content, community, and website. Our goal is to provide developers with tools and services to develop services and products that enrich, inform, and develop features on Twitch. Simply put, we want your services to be a new user experience that delights the community. This Schedule, which has been included in the Agreement and is part of the Agreement, is binding on you with respect to your use of the Drops Program, unless you and Twitch have entered into another agreement that regulates your use of the Drops Program, in which case that other agreement supersedes that Agreement (including all calendars). All wholesale terms used there, but not otherwise defined, have the definitions defined in the main part of the agreement. . . .

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