Tsawwassen Treaty Final Agreement

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2. Negotiate every five years or other agreed deadlines and try to reach agreement on a 23-year tax financing agreement. Within 30 days of notification of a notice under item 19 above, the parties directly involved in the disagreement will endeavour to agree on one of the following procedures: 82. Subject to section 73, Tsawwassen First Nation and the Federal Expropriation Authority may make a final arbitration decision if the terms of restitution of an expropriated interest in Tsawwassen Lands cannot be agreed upon at the time of expropriation. b. between one or more States and one or more international bodies, whether this agreement is present in a single instrument or in two or more related acts, regardless of its particular name; 125. At Tsawwassen First Nation`s request, British Columbia will negotiate an agreement and attempt to reach an agreement allowing the Tsawwassen government to establish standards for buildings or structures that are similar or different from the standards set out in the British Columbia Building Code. With the exception of the determination of Indian status, Indian law will no longer apply to Tsawwassen First Nation, its countries or its members after a transitional period. Instead, the constitutional rules of self-management will allow Tsawwassen First Nation to make its own decisions about preserving its culture, exercising its contractual rights and running its government. 18. Tsawwassen First Nation agrees that any contract of contract service with a local government in force on the effective date remains in effect after the effective date until it is renegotiated or terminated in accordance with the terms of the treaty. 10.

Where a proposed development in point 1.h of the soil management chapter is a federal project or a provincial project subject to administrative procedures in point 12 of this chapter, the parties strive to reach agreement on harmonizing their respective procedures. 82. If the Tsawwassen government passes section 78 legislation at the request of Tsawwassen First Nation or British Columbia, these parties will negotiate and attempt to reach an agreement on the provision of kindergarten for Class 12 of education up to: 153. At the request of Tsawwassen First Nation, Tsawwassen First Nation and British Columbia may negotiate and seek agreement on the provision of community corrections on Tsawwassen Lands for persons charged or convicted of a criminal offence under federal or provincial law. 6. If, at any time, a Tsawwassen Lands land or interest in land in Tsawwassen Lands ends up passing through British Columbia, British Columbia transfers that land, property or shares to Tsawwassen First Nation free of charge. 72. If the total value of the award between the Federal Expropriation Authority and Tsawwassen First Nation cannot be agreed upon, subject to section 73, or whether there is disagreement as to whether the combination of replacement lands and cash corresponds to the total value of the award, the Federal Expropriation Authority or Tsawwassen First Nation may refer to the question of the total value of the Dispute Settlement Award under the Chapter dispute resolution. Traditional territories claimed by First Nations can and do overlap. In British Columbia, there are often several overlapping claims.

As part of the B.C. contract process, First Nations must put in place an overlap resolution process.

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