Theatre Rental Agreement Sample

Posted Oktober 11th, 2021 by admin

c. FORCE MAJEURE: the contractual event under this Agreement is subject to the cancellation of the event of force majeure, war, state regulations, natural disasters, strikes, civil unrest or other emergency situations that are not controlled by the owner. Any additional costs incurred by the tenant will be charged after the event. The fact that the tenant does not use all the facilities and/or SERVICES described above during the periods indicated in this agreement does not give the tenant a refund and/or reduction of the fees agreed herein. Take advantage of the price of 1 (one) day rental for the above furnishing rooms at the price of $800/day. Each time beyond 8 (eight) hours per day is an additional $50 per half hour. 18. CATERING: When it comes to catering services and/or alcoholic beverages and such alcoholic beverage dispensers must be provided by persons other than the tenant, the tenant undertakes to use only the beverage and/or alcoholic beverage dispensers previously approved by the lessor. The tenant understands that the agreement for these catering services and / or alcoholic beverages exists exclusively between the tenant and this caterer and that all details regarding these catering services and / or alcoholic beverages are agreed between the tenant and this caterer without the participation of the lessor. Before printing or publishing promotional materials, the tenant must submit for approval to the Marketing Director of the Sooner Theatre all advertisements, promotional materials or programming materials to be used by the tenant to promote his event. The following disclaimer must be clearly displayed or indicated on all advertising, advertising and print, broadcast, web or otherwise formatted media: „This program is not a production of The Sooner Theatre.“ Non-compliance results in an infringement and may lead to the termination of the contract or the refusal of future rental.

The tenant must send proofs and/or final scripts to the marketing director Nancy Coggins under for written approval BEFORE the public broadcast of advertisements, advertisements and programs. 14. OBLIGATIONS OF THE LESSOR: Taking into account the rental agreement to be paid by the lessee, the lessor must provide appropriate concierge services for use by the lessee during the hours indicated herein, existing standard lighting and sound systems, heating and air conditioning as well as incidental costs. . . .

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