Stamp Paper Value For High Sea Sale Agreement

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Gd Evening. You have the answer. Can different countries participate in sales on the high seas?? The same goods can be sold more than once on the high seas. There is no block for resale for any number of paintings. The only condition is that — the HSS agreement should give indications of previous transfers of ownership. The customs office/official may ask the last purchaser of HSS to obtain copies of the previous HSS agreement as such. Hello, sir! Is the SHS valid if the shipping company`s invoice is issued in the name of the original importer, but the BoE and HSS agreement is made on behalf of the HSS buyer? Please answer Dear Sir, If the buyer has changed after HSS &IGM has not dropped off the container at POD. Is there a way to transfer the same HSS to another buyer? How to transfer a contract of sale on the high seas? Hello. I have questions about delivery on the high seas? I asked to deliver bitumen to the high seas. What it means.

Dear Abhishek, in case of lifting air cargo, it is not possible that it is high air sales. In this context, the section Import Noting Rs. 100 / – Accepts stamp paper instead of paragraph 500 / – Stamp paper for the „High Seas Sale“ contract. In this regard, I would like to clarify that sales on the high seas are only considered if the country`s customs barrier has not been exceeded and before the customs clearance of the goods is transferred to the buyer and the buyer will exempt the shipment from customs, that the goods have arrived in the sea air, for this, the two parties will sign an agreement of sale on the high seas and will be able, on the basis of this buyer, to clarify the shipment by the customs of the country. The format of the offshore sales agreement can be obtained on the internet and must be completed in a stamp and stamp document. Is it permissible to enter into a transaction by entering into pricing and financing terms prior to shipment and selling it on the high seas after shipment? In other words, the buyer arranges the delivery order to the local dealer in January, shipping will take place in February, and the goods will be sold to the buyer in February. If HSS allows it When concluding the HSS contract, the B/L should be confirmed in favour of the new buyer. With respect to air shipping, seller should write to Consol`s airline/agent to inform them that an agreement has been reached with HSS`s buyer and that, therefore, the transport document should be considered approved for the benefit of HSS`s buyer and that the IGM should be submitted by the carrier on behalf of HSS`s buyer. Very briefly said. would be preferable if the conditions for sale on the high seas were met. I would like to ask you, my friend imports a knitting machine from China.

and he sold the machine on the high seas against epcg adding 50-60% of the actual value. the customs officer does not allow this high percentage. So there`s something that`s written in custom rules that it can`t do that. I think the minimum is 2%. What can it do? and what kind of action they can do. The confirmation is expected to be „transferred to a high seas distribution basis at M/S -—- for a counter-sale of rupees —„. Such a confirmation should be stamped and signed by the seller by reading the type of sales on the high seas, I guess this is only possible if it is a FOB-IMPORT. SINCE, IN THE CASE OF CIF IMPORTS, OWNERSHIP OF GOODS IS TRANSFERRED TO THE BUYER ONOY IN THE PORT OF DISEMBARKATION, HENC HENC DOES NOT HAVE OWNERSHIP OF THE SALE SHIPMENT ON THE HIGH SEAS. PLS. CONFIRM this view! Please confirm if the date of the sales contract can be after the landing of the flight to destination Ownership of the goods is transferred when the items are in transit. The contract must be signed on a stamp document after the goods have been dispatched from the place of origin and before their arrival at the buyer`s place of destination. When it comes to selling on the high seas, can there be different countries? Like what.

Original delivery from India to Singapore, can it be redirected to Myanmar on the high seas? Would the shipping line go against the request for receipt (change of destination) if we disclose such a sale on the high seas before the initial delivery? HSS products are entitled to classification, customs duties and any declarative benefits that would apply to like imported goods at the time of normal sale….

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