Single Sign On Agreement

Posted April 12th, 2021 by admin

1.2 Technical assistance. As long as the subscriber is up to date with the payment of the fees indicated in the offer, OneLogin will do everything in its power to make available to a subscriber-appointed administrator technical assistance services in connection with OneLogin services by phone, support portal and email, as stated in the Success Package Terms of Use. Duration: This contract comes into effect on the day you sign up for PerfectCloud. PerfectCloud can stop this service at any time. Duo`s Single Sign-On (SSO) provides users with a simple and consistent login experience for each application, whether local or cloud-based. Cloud based and hosted by Duo, it`s easy to set up and manage. In the implementation of SSO and easy access to work applications, the ability to verify their identity with two-factor authentication (2FA) is an important element in ensuring the integrity of the login process. Most importantly, custom policies and controls are tailored to the applications to make your organization safer and protect it from users and devices at risk. 1.3 Professional Services. When the offer is submitted, the subscriber must use OneLogin to pay the fee for professional services in exchange for OneConn, providing appropriate assistance for initial upgrade and disposal efforts.

The details of professional services must be defined in an applicable specifications or a separate work statement (SOW). It goes without saying that OneLogin provides similar services to other customers. In this regard, it is expressly agreed and understood that OneLogin (a) is solely responsible for the allocation of personnel who are required to provide the services defined in this NORME; and b) may entrust certified OneLogin service partners or other qualified contractors to provide all or part of the services, and OneLogin acknowledges that it is legally responsible for the actions of these partners or contractors under this SOW. OneLogin will provide professional services in a professional and professional manner, with appropriate care and skill. Another feature is automatic user registration, where new Contract Eagle accounts are created automatically when a user logs in for the first time via SSO. Automatic user registration eliminates the need to create a Contract Eagle account for each new user. This feature is ideal for organizations that use custom Contract Eagle forms or document automation, where every user of the company may need access to Contract Eagle to generate a contract or request verification. 2.2 Feedback. If the oneLogin subscriber comments on the functionality or performance of OneLogin services (including identifying potential errors and improvements), the subscriber assigns OneLogin all rights, titles and interest and interest on the feedback, and OneLogin can use and disclose returns without payment or restriction. However, with respect to the use of the comments, OneLogin will not disclose any information identifying the subscriber or any of its users, will not share it with third parties, and will not use the subscriber`s trademarks and logos without the subscriber`s prior written consent.

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