Sag Commercial Agreement

Posted April 12th, 2021 by admin

The length of the cycle, the MPU, the applicability of meeting and maintenance taxes and the calculation of user fees vary depending on the type of advertising. Cable and wild spots can be particularly complex because royalties are calculated by calculating the unit weights assigned to each cable network or media market, with units based on the number of subscribers or TELEVISION homes. There are also soils and unit plugs to manage. It remains to be seen what impact this change will have on ad renewal. For actors represented by agents, this should not play a big role, as many agents (such as La Solitude) would automatically send notices of termination for previous contracts and request a renegotiation. Some types of performers – including non-professionals (who do not qualify for waiver), group singers, stuntmen and performers who are not represented by agents – have often not sent notices of dismissal. For spots with these categories of performance groups, this will certainly do more work for producers and, in some cases, this could lead to higher wages. The commercial contract has been amended to clarify that payment obligations to performers are not triggered when an advertisement is used in „Soft News“ and commercials are shared with all publications (not just commercial ads). The line between „hard news“ (z.B first hour of The Today Show) and „soft news“ (z.B. perhaps the fourth hour of the Today Show, which, when hosted by Kathy Lee and Hoda, was affectionately known to some as „Chardonnay Hour“) was never clear.

Moreover, the justification for the treatment of harsh and soft messages as well as commercial publications and other publications of general interest has never seemed otherwise convincing. Whether you`re producing a feature or an ad, one of the first decisions a producer has to make is whether you`re playing SAG actors or not. Working with the Screen Actors Guild is with some of the best talent in the world, but it has its own rules. And perhaps the most important rule is the payment of SAG sentences. First, stunt coordinators who do not appear in an advertisement are entitled to a meeting fee. The coordinator only receives usage payments if she actually performs a stunt in the advertisement that meets the requirements of the existing 6.F section. Based on this information, you can determine the SAG agreement or your contract, from there you will find the fees. To be precise, they worked together to add new options for advertisers, while existing approaches remained intact. Now brands and agencies can choose between two „tracks.“ The first is the traditional but complex approach, which is largely unchanged from the previous iteration of the three-year agreement, with the exception of higher interest rates and some discrete optimizations, while the other track, called the Alternate Compensation Structure (ACS) – is itself a menu of three new packages from which you can choose. In the traditional approach, meeting fees also serve as the primary detention fee and ensure the right to use advertising for a single „cycle,“ which is usually 13 weeks, but can sometimes be extended to 17 weeks.

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