Apa Yang Dimaksud Dengan Headquarters Agreement

Posted September 11th, 2021 by admin

The term „headquarters agreement“ appears in the following two instruments: the two above-mentioned instruments generally govern the management of international organizations such as legal status and legal personality, special rights, immunity, bodies enjoyed by international organizations, including the fixed address of the registered office. There is no legal basis for defining the headquarters agreement and few books deal with this issue. Nevertheless, the term „headquarters agreement“ appears in the following two legal instruments: what is a headquarters agreement in the international law of the organization? What is the example of an international custom that is the source of international law of organization? Although the UN Charter did not settle the issue at the time, the expert opinion stated that the UN had a legal personality distinct from its members and established the UN as an act of international law capable of defending its rights by filing international claims. The concept of the legal personality of international organizations is an example of an international custom recognized as a source of law. The legal personality of an international organization is the ability of an international organization to be a party, to hold assets and to be able to express itself in judicial proceedings. The first component is demonstrated by the practices of different countries, which are constantly repeated. . . .

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