Aifs Enterprise Agreement

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69.8 If a clause in this agreement provides for a substantial change in production, program, organization, structure or technology in relation to the company of the establishment, the requirements of clauses 69.2 a, 69.3 and 69.5 do not apply. Download a full description of the position in 65.6 The period during which the formal evaluation of the employee`s performance is agreed between the staff member and the manager or determined by the manager in the event of an agreement. The minimum time for formal measures is 4 weeks. In a nutshell – Section 172 (6) of the Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth) (the law) provides that an enterprise agreement cannot be entered into with a single worker. Does this mean that an enterprise agreement with at least two employees is allowed? The prohibition on entering into an enterprise agreement with a single worker was incorporated into the Fair Work Amendment Act 2012, Sch 4, point 1, in part to allay union concerns that employers wanted to enter into agreements with individual workers to avoid union participation in bargaining. The amendment followed a decision by the Fair Labour Commission (FWC) in AMWU/Inghams Enterprises Pty Limited [2011] FWAFB 6106, which considered that it would be inconsistent with the objectives of the law to limit the number of workers with whom an enterprise agreement could be concluded. 65.3 Formal performance measures are defined by a meeting at which expected performance standards are agreed and documented. Expected performance standards will be consistent with the corresponding SPG work level standard and will take into account the employee`s PDR plan. If it is not possible to reach an agreement on the expected performance standards, the director sets the expected performance standards. Then, in 2017, the High Court of Australia confirmed the approval of an enterprise agreement with a group of workers who were working but had not yet worked in a new employer`s operational department.

Send your AIFS application form, CV and cover letter by email to 36.2 For part-time workers who are not employed at the supervisory level (or equivalent), overtime is work done on management management, which does not continue with the normal hours of the worker and/or exceeds the normal hours (four weeks) set out in the part-time contract of the worker. (a) made a final decision to make a substantial change in production, program, organization, structure or technology for their business, which is expected to have a significant impact on workers; or (b) any payment of a given annual leave is a separate written agreement between the worker and the manager; 5.3 This agreement applies to the exclusion of the Australian price of the 2015 utility. This agreement is in conjunction with other Commonwealth laws, including: To determine the percentage of the contractual rate to be paid to a worker under this agreement, the worker`s production capacity is assessed according to the payroll system assisted by a certified assessor who consulted the Institute and the worker and, if the worker wishes, a union to which the worker can join. 42.7 Ordinary hours included in part-time contracts must be within the range indicated at point 33.12. 42.5 At the end of the part-time contract, the worker may either return to full-time employment or apply for another part-time job. 42.10 Part-time contracts may be audited at any time by the head of the school if the requirements of the company can significantly affect the viability of the agreement or if the worker requires it.

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